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Imagine Charity – Ratanang Christmas 2019

‘I remember clearly the day that Madiba passed on… …It was a time I remembered with gratitude all that his dedication to freedom did for my own life, personally and as a South African. Madiba has changed my life and the lives of most of us in this country. I knew that I wanted to reflect this gratitude in my life and The Stuart Hawley Rainbow Foundation was where I imagined that light of his shining for me. When we found Ratanang a few months later and heard their story of how Madiba was instrumental in helping them we knew that this was THE ONE because Madiba had helped to light up the hope that this place gives to so many people living with cerebral palsy….. and so the relationship with the Ratanang and IMAGINE family was born.

For 6 years now we have sponsored this special event which we call IMAGINE Day, Ratanang’s year end party. Each time it gives us more joy than you can ever know. In fact the festive season truly starts for us once we have done our annual party at Ratanang. We thank you all for affording us this opportunity once again. We admire this community for standing together and supporting one another through all the challenges you face. We are truly proud of the school for the inspiration they are to the families and their community and we are grateful and blessed to be included to share in some of your journey. We know how much of a struggle it can be and we salute you for never giving up but picking up, learning and moving forward – Keep it up! To the parents of every child at the school we know the challenges you face daily and we admire the inspiration you give to one another. Keep up the spirit of love and togetherness. I leave you with a quote from Madiba to remember especially in times of trials and tribulations…. ‘I never lose, I either win or learn.’

May Madiba’s memory live on through this year end celebration for many years to come. We wish everyone at Ratanang and their families a blessed Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year. See you all again in 2020. “

Speech by Karey Hawley

Thank you to everyone that made a contribution to the party at Ratanang this year. We thank every individual that made the time to be there. A special shout out to businesses SIS Global, House of Costumes & Psiber Insurance for taking time out of your business day to give back something to those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you for helping us make a difference but mostly thank you for the gift of love to the Ratanang Family. It was truly a privilege, an honour and the biggest blessing for us all to have been a part of this wonderful celebration. We hope that you will find some of that joy in the sharing of our video and photos….

The 2019 Video

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