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Imagine Charity Golf Day 2017


Imagine Charity hosted our Annual golf day on 12 October 2017 in support of those living with Cerebral Palsy. The charity exists to make a colossal, life-changing difference in the lives of those affected by Cerebral Palsy by minimising the difficulties these individuals and those who care for them face on a daily basis. The day was a resounding success, the golfers soon getting into the swing of the day and all coming together to support a worthy cause.

Imagine Charity golf day was held at the pristine Steyn City Club house and golf course. Guests were treated to a superb Four-ball Alliance Tournament with golf-carts, a scrumptious Halfway House meal – followed by a gourmet 5-star dinner which has been rightfully rated equal to The Saxon. All this whilst enjoying each-others company with good friends, good laughs and good vibes.

Welcomed off the course with an ice-cold beer after an enjoyable round of golf, networking with clients and friends, guests could rest their feet and be wowed by South Africa’s own trick shot practitioner, Michael Scholz. After learning how holding your club only 2mm screw could cause such an enormous impact on your shot, guests happily dug into the magnificent buffet.

Master of Ceremonies, legendary sportsman Michael Scholz, was his usual humorous self, putting guests at ease and challenging all to greater levels of generosity and laughter. The ambiance was incredible and we are grateful for everyone’s contribution, fun attitude and encouragement. Prizes were given out to the lucky winners on the day, alongside a raffle in which some great donations were given!

Congratulations to our top 4 Four-ball team winners of the day!

1st Prize: Douglas Scott, Brent Benjamin, Greg Henderson, Andy Kollman 2nd Prize: Tim Holden, Andre Bam, Rob Hards, Jaco Koekemoer 3rd Prize: Gary Du Toit, James Preston, Laurie Mey, Peter Kowalski

4th Prize: Donovan Ridley, Derek van Niekerk, Les Bridges, Stan Fisher

Imagine Charity thanks the golfers, prize sponsors, four-ball sponsors and staff for their support and making the day a triumph! We say a massive thank you to our main sponsor, SIS Global as well as Golfers Club and PwC Exordia for their prize donations toward the event.

With your help we raised well over our expectations!

Can’t wait to see you all next year for yet again, another great day out on the course, all united to help make the lives of those with Cerebral Palsy a little easier. See you then!

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