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Casual Day is South Africa’s leading fundraising & awareness campaign for persons with disabilities and is the flagship project of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities  (NCPD). Launched in 1995, Casual Day is an awareness and fundraising campaign benefiting persons with disabilities. Each year on the first Friday of September, South Africans are encouraged to go to work or school dressed differently – either dress up or dress down – and to wear the official Casual Day sticker to show their support for persons with disabilities.

The campaign encourages the public to contribute financially through a small donation of R10 for a sticker, and at the same time lobbies for the full inclusion and equity of persons with disabilities. So, not only does it raise funds, but it also raises awareness of the challenges and potential of the community in a fun way!

Each year, approximately 4 500 companies, 100 schools and 400 NGO organisations take part in Casual Day. Be counted in these numbers and let us make it grow together. Over the past 24 years since Casual Day was launched, the project has raised in excess of R276 million (2016 totals) which is distributed among the project’s national beneficiaries representing persons with disabilities as a part of a diverse society.

We need heroes, we need everyday people to do the extraordinary… we call on you to join IMAGINE charity on Friday, 7th September in support of the annual Casual Day initiative by being a hero for people living with Cerebral Palsy. Not only will we raise awareness and funds for our cause but you will also help many other causes that benefit from the ultimate funds raised in this project including those that are deaf, blind, living with autism, down syndrome, alzheimers, etc

Now, more than ever, those who are affected by Cerebral Palsy need people to dig deep inside themselves and help by being their hero. We want a South Africa in which all people have equitable opportunity and equal access to education, jobs, justice and more.
Help us raise this banner in 2018. It’s Easy!

By donating R10 to get your Causal Day sticker, you unlock your superpower!
Be part of a group of thousands of South Africans who demonstrate that small actions can make a huge difference. We call it community spirit in action. Besides, it creates camaraderie, raises awareness in the office and brings light relief to the workplace and school.

This year we have a range of fabulous Casual Day shirts, caps and bucket hats to compliment your stickers. So, get your orders in early and put a smile on the faces of everybody you know! Get them for your family, life partner, colleague, your next-door neighbour, mother-in-law, teacher, kids, pastor, sangoma, check-out worker at the grocery store, pointman on duty and petrol attendant! Remind them too, that their most important accessory on casual day is their Casual Day sticker! Every time you do, you’re being a hero and making a real difference to thousands of persons with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities across our land.

So, this Casual Day… and every other day… BE AN EVERYDAY HERO with persons with disabilities!

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