SIS House, Eton Office Park West, Cnr Sloane & Harrison Avenue, Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa


Joelene was born a healthy baby 3 weeks premature weighing in at 3.77kgs. She always had slow development, but brain scans showed nothing majorly wrong with her. Just before she turned two she was hospitalised with meningitis.

She was in a semi-private hospital and her condition worsened so badly that she was sent to a private hospital for further tests.

Upon having these tests she was diagnosed with the Shigella virus. With the combination of these two viruses her family were told she was dying but if she survived she would have some sort of brain damage. She had to learn how to suck, keep her neck up, sit, etc. all over again, like a baby. She now has Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Epilepsy.

She is non-verbal and cannot walk. She runs on her little knees which have calluses on them but despite all of this she is a very happy child who loves music. Her mum is a single parent who is battling to make ends meet and cannot afford the therapy that Joelene needs. IMAGINE would like to add value to Joelene’s life by buying her a standing frame as soon as possible!